Big on Features - Low Cost of Ownership

Omega developed based on it's many years of experience in the Point-of-Sale industry. Heck, if it's easy to buy at a counter in a retail store, it should be easy to buy on the web! Many of the features found in our system have been developed based on years of customer feedback. If you need the feature, we probably have it.

We are one of the few e-Commerce systems that merge Web Sales, Mail Order Sales and Point-of-Sale into one program. All inventory, all customers and all cash reconiliation are stored in one database. Put the information in once, and it is available across all platforms.

And yes, the Point-of-Sale module is designed for a retail store. All you need is a broadband connection and you're good to go. Our system works with most common point-of-sale receipt printers, cash drawers, credit card scanners and barcode readers.    View our complete feature list.

Low Cost of Ownership - Big on Features

Feature Rich - Low on Cost

- UPS OnLine Tools® Integration.
- Constant Contact ® Integration.
- Quickbooks® Integration.
- PayPal® Integrated.
- Trust Guard® Scanned
- Real-time Creditcard processing.
- Mobile device friendly.
- CRM and Point-of-Sale modules.
- Multi-language & Multi-currency.
- SEO HTML page generator.
- County level Sales Tax calculator.

Omega's e-Commerce system is secure, and we use Bluepay Credit Card Processing to perform our realtime processing tasks. Bluepay is safe and secure. Low processing fees, 24-48 hour money turnaround and detailed PCI compliancy testing insures the safety of your customers and their private data. Count on Bluepay for all of your processing needs. Click Here for more information.

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Please contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. And we'll make it easy. Just click this link and your e-mail program will open with e-mail of the person you need to talk already filled out. If you prefer to talk to us, please call us at 860-276-8504 and ask for Charlie. Omega can help you Develop the right solution to fit your business. You do not have to fit your business to the solution.

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